Von G. L. Am 21/Sept/2023 :

    Anrede : Kiff
    Kommentare : Bravo, une de mes favorites, un goût kush plus fruité

    Von A. C. Am 19/Mai/2023 :

    Anrede : Una favola
    Kommentare : Crescita vigorosa dai primi giorni....fiori buonissimi ,complimenti a royalgueenseeds

    Von U. P. Am 03/Mai/2023 :

    Anrede : connects to inner you
    Kommentare : I had a good yield outdoor. Harvest was in early October because I wasn't aware that the flowers are more leafy than with buds. A bit of mould formed due to that - my fault though. The effect is grounding, it lets you sink into yourself and focus. When smoking a lot, it can be even transcendental.

    Von F. U. Am 02/Feb/2023 :

    Anrede : non male
    Kommentare : molto buona consiglio di provarla

    Von S. B. Am 12/Dez/2022 :

    Anrede : nice
    Kommentare : i like it

    Von F. H. Am 15/Nov/2022 :

    Anrede : 100% sprout rate
    Kommentare : I ordered the first time. Ordered 5 seeds and all 5 sprouted. One little beauty died, but that was my mistake. The shipping took about 10 days and was very discrete from spain.

    Von S. R. Am 30/Sept/2022 :

    Anrede : Amazing
    Kommentare : Super Seeds, alle gekeimt.

    Von F. W. Am 21/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Kickers68
    Kommentare : Excellent rapport qualité prix

    Von C. M. Am 06/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Nice and frosty
    Kommentare : Didn't grow very tall but what it lacked in height it made up for in width, grew as wide as it did high and packed full dense frosty buds

    Von R. S. Am 29/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Top
    Kommentare : Super variété. Grosses têtes parfumées.

    Von S. S. Am 29/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Sabri
    Kommentare : Nice genetic...

    Von T. P. Am 26/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : BEST SEEDS EVER!!
    Kommentare : Best seeds, nothing else to say. Will order many many times more.

    Von F. R. Am 02/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : T.J.
    Kommentare : Super Seeds, alle gekeimt, pflanzen nicht zu gross.

    Von K. P. Am 10/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : Great for outdoor
    Kommentare : One of the few strains that still does pretty well without high maintenance in the North European wet climate. In a big pot they got about 1,8m high. Very strong body high.

    Von K. K. Am 04/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : Up there with the very best!
    Kommentare : Germinate quickly producing eventual strong bushy magnificent plants.

    Von D. R. Am 12/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : Mr
    Kommentare : Extérieur - super résultats. 1 / 3 n'a pas germé néanmoins.

    Von W. K. Am 20/Jul/2021 :

    Anrede : Critical Kush.
    Kommentare : Fast delivery, already sprouted, I wilk evaluate the quality od the plant on 9 weeks

    Von G. A. Am 17/Jun/2021 :

    Anrede : ottimo servizio
    Kommentare : servizio veloce, ottima comunicazione col cliente. Top

    Von R. M. Am 31/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Grandi
    Kommentare : TROPPO FORTI!!

    Von J. M. Am 25/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Amazing product!
    Kommentare : Best breeder and service out there! Will always recommend RQS to anyone I know! Fast delivery and high quality. Thanks!

    Von L. B. Am 24/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Perfeito
    Kommentare : Tudo conforme a compra

    Von F. C. Am 10/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : M.F.C
    Kommentare : Out of five,, only one grain of Critical Kush has actually successed (also the free grain wich was a Critical). I'm not sure if I have done something wrong, but just letting you guys know this. Anyway, the service was very quick and the coustomer service very efficient.

    Von O. K. Am 06/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Germinación rápida
    Kommentare : Deseando volver a grow esta delicia

    Von F. M. Am 12/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : Critical kush
    Kommentare : awesome

    Von M. R. Am 28/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : They grow like they want to be a big flower someday
    Kommentare : I have just started to germinate them recently, but at least I can tell, that every seed sprouted, it took them about 10 days and they look nice and healthy and they are growing fast!

    Von E. B. Am 06/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : gouteurné
    Kommentare : vraiment bonne qualité,de bons aromes , assomante tres bon produit

    Von A. B. Am 01/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : Critical kush
    Kommentare : Consegna precisa, ottimi semi germinati tutti, varietà molto vigorosa e resistente.

    Von T. P. Am 29/M�rz/2021 :

    Anrede : Great
    Kommentare : Nice strain but unfortunately one didn't activate

    Von C. S. Am 29/M�rz/2021 :

    Anrede : First buy
    Kommentare : Swift delivery and well packed products

    Von M. P. Am 22/M�rz/2021 :

    Anrede : Critical
    Kommentare : Dobrej vzorek

    Von A. D. Am 10/M�rz/2021 :

    Anrede : critical kush
    Kommentare : pousse rapide et livraison au top. RAS

    Von S. P. Am 10/M�rz/2021 :

    Anrede : They grow like crazy
    Kommentare : Topped twice in 6 weeks. Now flipped to 12/12.. They grow and grow and grow.. Im gonna get so much weed from them 5 plants. Yaay

    Von M. N. Am 02/M�rz/2021 :

    Anrede : recenze
    Kommentare : Naprostá spokojenost! Good!

    Von A. B. Am 10/Feb/2021 :

    Anrede : top tier quality
    Kommentare : As always, royal queen seeds doesn't dissapoint. A bit on the pricer side but definitely worth it.

    Von M. O. Am 01/Feb/2021 :

    Anrede : Thumbs up
    Kommentare : First time customer. 9 out of 10 seeds poped up and now they are growing like crazy. Also recieved 1 free Critical seed. That makes me happy. For real.

    Von M. P. Am 01/Feb/2021 :

    Anrede : Passi
    Kommentare : Acheter 3 graines tous prise. Vraiment parfait

    Von G. B. Am 08/Jan/2021 :

    Anrede : Tutto Perfetto!
    Kommentare : Rapidissimi

    Von C. D. Am 22/Dez/2020 :

    Anrede : Good.....
    Kommentare : Parfait et rapide

    Von K. T. Am 10/Dez/2020 :

    Anrede : Kev
    Kommentare : Germination rapide. Feuilles vraiment magnifiques et pousse plus que correct elle vont être magnifique ! Hâte d’être à la récolte. Nouveau client RQS je n’ai pour l’instant rien à redire quand aux qualités des graines qui sont vraiment au RDV ( et je suis très exigeant ) !

    Von D. H. Am 23/Nov/2020 :

    Anrede : Critical kush
    Kommentare : Well pleased every seed germinated

    Von C. P. Am 12/Nov/2020 :

    Anrede : Corresponde às expetactivas.
    Kommentare : Muito boa e facil cultivar, foi o meu primeiro cultivo indoor e deu tudo certo.

    Von M. G. Am 04/Nov/2020 :

    Anrede : Critical kush :)
    Kommentare : Ottima azienda, precisione nella consegna e ottima qualità di semi... Tutti cresciuti grazie

    Von M. R. Am 04/Nov/2020 :

    Anrede : 5/5
    Kommentare : Superbe graines, elles on toutes germées. Et sont devenus bien belles

    Von B. G. Am 28/Okt/2020 :

    Anrede : cutiepie
    Kommentare : en cours de floraison apres un moi de croissance taille correcte a voir par la suite

    Von A. L. Am 28/Sept/2020 :

    Anrede : Snoop
    Kommentare : Rien à dire! 100% de germination et plants de très bonnes qualités !je recommande RQS

    Von M. A. Am 25/Sept/2020 :

    Anrede : Elagricultor
    Kommentare : Tres bonne variété a faire pousser en exterieur

    Von A. G. Am 21/Sept/2020 :

    Anrede : Critical Kush
    Kommentare : Very good quality. Nice smoke and dense buds. Defty one of my favorites. Thanks RQS.

    Von A. M. Am 18/Sept/2020 :

    Anrede : Huge buds
    Kommentare : Best yielder stain by miles great for beginners

    Von V. C. Am 08/Sept/2020 :

    Anrede : Great
    Kommentare : Love you my dear queen :) great herb, and great service!

    Von P. W. Am 03/Sept/2020 :

    Anrede : Great
    Kommentare : great product !!!;)

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