Von J. P. Am 14/Jan/2020 :

    Anrede : vivement l'été
    Kommentare : j'ai reçu rapidement les graines. Elles seront plantées en juin. j'ai bon espoir d'arriver à soulager les maux de ma douce.

    Von D. K. Am 27/Dez/2019 :

    Anrede : Thank you.
    Kommentare : Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with both your product and service. Exceptional... 10/10

    Von A. P. Am 19/Dez/2019 :

    Anrede : Pain relief
    Kommentare : Having been suffering with joint pain for a long time now I decided to try CBD for medicinal purposes. Bought these seeds from a local shop, planted in soil and after around a week it sprouted. It then grew nicely throughout the summer, seemed resilient to pests (was in a pot, in the garden) and produced lots of buds and sticky resin. Sadly bad weather at the end of summer forced me to transfer into a pvc greenhouse. I hadn’t realised just how much condensation would occur, and how that very quickly led to mold. About 85% of the buds had to be scrapped but I managed to salvage around 15g. I’ve vaped it and found that it has definitely helped with a lot of the joint pain almost immediately which was a nice surprise. Will try more of the same. Nicely packed in blister pack.

    Von J. M. Am 16/Dez/2019 :

    Anrede : Schneller Versand, Qualität stimmt
    Kommentare : Kann zu Anbau und Wirkung zwar noch nichts sagen, habe sie erst heute mit der Post bekommen, sie werden aber auf jeden Fall in der kommenden Saison ihr Potential zeigen müssen.

    Von J. V. Am 20/Nov/2019 :

    Anrede : Snel verzonden en ontvangen.
    Kommentare : Na 2 dagen laten kiemen in het water heb ik het zaadje in de grond gedaan en binnen enkele dagen was zijn kopje al boven.

    Von B. M. Am 23/Sept/2019 :

    Anrede : Wonderful service - good growth
    Kommentare : Fast delivery, excellent packaging and all germinated nicely and growing well so far. Can't wait to try this strain - should be something nice to look forward to.

    Von T. I. Am 23/Aug/2019 :

    Anrede : Kinda..ok?
    Kommentare : Out of the 4 strains that I bought here this seems to the weakest and the slowest. I don't say it's bad just... Not as good as others. (For me)

    Von M. S. Am 25/Jul/2019 :

    Anrede : Wow!
    Kommentare : Expected nothing special, tried growing them just for fun. All germinated, small harvest, as growing conditions were too cool . But: effect is phantastic. Uplifting feeling. Mild, soothing mental euphoria, as stated in the description hits the nail on the head. CBD effect is quite positive and vibrant. Plus: awrsome taste that lasts long. Kinda like honey. Defo a discovery. Love it!

    Von L. V. Am 10/Jun/2019 :

    Anrede : Excellent service
    Kommentare : I have ordered RS seeds , without tracking, for the first time. Murphy's law : they were never delivered. RS proposed to send new seeds for free. This was beyond my expectations! Thank you for the trust ! RS is now my trusted supplier. Thank you.

    Von M. S. Am 23/Mai/2019 :

    Anrede : medal results
    Kommentare : under the Polish sky in 2018 it has grown to 2.5 meters. Good Polish fertile lands make miracles

    Von R. B. Am 23/Mai/2019 :

    Anrede : PainKiller XL
    Kommentare : Fast delivery,good customer service Looking forward to do more business in the future....thanks .

    Von G. R. Am 20/Mai/2019 :

    Anrede : Super variete
    Kommentare : Facile a faire pousser et des effets qui soulagent bien la douleur dû a la fibromyalgie mais aussi les migraines. Ma variété n°1.

    Von S. W. Am 13/Mai/2019 :

    Anrede : Excited - can't wait for harvest
    Kommentare : The seeds arrived quickly in the post, and have already began to sprout leaves within 4-5 days.

    Von E. G. Am 02/Mai/2019 :

    Anrede : Good seeds
    Kommentare : The pocket is excellent, the service also excellent but i so early for rate the grow up, se will see but i had always good resoult in the past, i buy this for my fisic pain

    Von I. E. Am 25/Apr/2019 :

    Anrede : Super grow and effect....
    Kommentare : ....big Cola, big nuggets, the popcorn is also good. The effect is very cool. The brain is clear, but the body feels the effect of being high/stoned. I'm very suprised. Happy for ordering this weed! I give 10 stars!

    Von D. M. Am 15/Apr/2019 :

    Anrede : Painkiller XL
    Kommentare : Service perfect and the seed sprouted.

    Von J. C. Am 03/Apr/2019 :

    Anrede : Painkiller XL
    Kommentare : Superfast delivery, excellent packaging and all germinated nicely and looking good

    Von J. B. Am 27/M�rz/2019 :

    Anrede : Great Service
    Kommentare : Quick delivery and decent seeds

    Von R. R. Am 15/M�rz/2019 :

    Anrede : Good quality
    Kommentare : Seeds came in a very discreet package and arrived the same week as ordered (international shipping). Put seed in water and after 48 hours I could already see the tiny root out searching for dirt. Put it in a small pot with good dirt, it is now about 10cm high and has the most beautiful green leaves. From now on it's just a matter of time.

    Von Z. V. Am 11/M�rz/2019 :

    Anrede : Zdeněk
    Kommentare : Tento kmen jsem používal k výrobě mastí s vynikajicími učinky díky cbd. Použito na opary, suchou kůži, bolesti kloubů i na špatně se hojící rány a vše s pozitivním efektem.

    Von P. C. Am 04/M�rz/2019 :

    Anrede : Good
    Kommentare : Very good.

    Von S. K. Am 28/Jan/2019 :

    Anrede : Painkiller XL
    Kommentare : I expect a lot from that strain.Unfortunately, I'll be pleased to plant it only at the end of April.

    Von M. J. Am 03/Jan/2019 :

    Anrede : Painkiller xl
    Kommentare : Ze groeide aanvankelijk wat traag en twijfelend. Vervolgens voor de zekerheid n tweede laten ontkiemen. De groei ging met warme zomer voorspoedig. Helaas werden ze in de bloeifase geteisterd door meeldauw. Door goed te handelen hebben we beide planten toch goed kunnen oogsten. Nu al diverse malen van de oogst wietolie kunnen maken. M’n ouders kampen met (spier) reuma en hebben hele goede resultaten bij t gebruik ervan. Opstart kwaaltjes, pijntjes en ook stress wordt onderdrukt.

    Von J. H. Am 28/Dez/2018 :

    Anrede : Painkiller XL
    Kommentare : Easy to grow, nice to smoke. I love this strain

    Von F. #. Am 10/Dez/2018 :

    Anrede : prima
    Kommentare : Paar weken geleden een aantal verschillende zaden besteld, waaronder deze painkiller. De bestelling en communicatie verloopt soepel, de zaden zijn keurig verpakt en alles wordt anoniem thuis bezorgd. De levering duurt wel wat langer maar dat staat ook netjes op de site. Alleen wel jammer dat een dag na mijn bestelling de prijzen verlaagd werden. Verder zeer tevreden.

    Von C. D. Am 26/Nov/2018 :

    Anrede : Cant wait to try
    Kommentare : Germinated ok after a few days, still growing. Delivery not too long.

    Von D. B. Am 09/Nov/2018 :

    Anrede : Royal Queen Seeds - Service
    Kommentare : Very nice service. I receive my order in time. Now is time to grow. Thank you for your very good service. Highly recommended. Probably one of the best sites to buy seeds. Congrats.

    Von L. D. Am 05/Nov/2018 :

    Anrede : cannabis Medical power
    Kommentare : 1st class stuff

    Von P. C. Am 11/Okt/2018 :

    Anrede : Fast
    Kommentare : Fast descreet haven't popped them yet

    Von A. K. Am 12/Sept/2018 :

    Anrede : Painkiller XL
    Kommentare : Looking forward to enjoy this and see if the pain in my body will help.

    Von S. B. Am 22/Aug/2018 :

    Anrede : Very happy
    Kommentare : Just received these and I'm happy with the delivery and packaging. I'm hoping these will sort my pain One cracked so far

    Von T. H. Am 16/Aug/2018 :

    Anrede : This is it
    Kommentare : Very complex strain. A+++

    Von O. J. Am 06/Aug/2018 :

    Anrede : Au top
    Kommentare : 5/5 top qualité

    Von D. G. Am 22/Mai/2018 :

    Anrede : Hammer Ertrag aber kaum thc
    Kommentare : Wer auf der Suche nach reinem cbd ist, ist hier richtig aber einen Rausch kann man vergessen, ich bezweifle die hier angegebenen thc Prozente.

    Von D. V. Am 24/Apr/2018 :

    Anrede : sremac
    Kommentare : Awesome!..100% germination

    Von V. K. Am 20/Apr/2018 :

    Anrede : Awesome
    Kommentare : Very nice product, they didnt take at first, left them on wet papertissues, worked great!

    Von L. C. Am 02/Apr/2018 :

    Anrede : very good
    Kommentare : excellent!!!

    Von M. D. Am 19/M�rz/2018 :

    Anrede : Great Team!!!
    Kommentare : Thank,s RQS team for your exellent service ,this was my first but definitely not the last!!

    Von D. K. Am 07/M�rz/2018 :

    Anrede : Painkiller
    Kommentare : 5 star excellent

    Von A. V. Am 14/Feb/2018 :

    Anrede : Super
    Kommentare : Très bonnes graines qui ont germés en 2 jours :) Plus qu'a voir la suite ;)

    Von S. R. Am 23/Jan/2018 :

    Anrede : Elle porte bien son nom.
    Kommentare : Idéale pour calmer les douleurs et se relaxer. Pompons très résineux qui dégagent un fantastique parfum.

    Von F. K. Am 09/Nov/2017 :

    Anrede : got 10 of these
    Kommentare : 8/10 go in the box now! Im very happy

    Von J. S. Am 02/Okt/2017 :

    Anrede : Comme des sapins de Noel !!!
    Kommentare : J'ai vu quelques spécimen de PainKiller XL en culture sur butte et ca rend gravement bien. Prions pour une belle récolte...

    Von G. B. Am 18/Sept/2017 :

    Anrede : Quality service - would recommend
    Kommentare : Bought three Painkiller XL, all germinated within 1-3 days. Seeds grown in 10l aeropots. Plants had vigorous growth, produced nice fat tight hard buds with a pungent smell and sweet taste of grapefruit. Nice, pleasant stone! Great medicinal value.

    Von A. V. Am 04/Aug/2017 :

    Anrede : Ideal strain to produce high quality oil for medical use
    Kommentare : I give the oil made of this strain to laboratory for testing,and results are insane....the spectrum of thc, cannabinoids,terpens etc. have big range of medical benefits....

    Von L. W. Am 30/Mai/2017 :

    Anrede : Good for medical users
    Kommentare : Nice medium size plant with citrus taste

    Von D. C. Am 22/Mai/2017 :

    Anrede : Pas de doute sur les effets médicaux
    Kommentare : Une plante qui se développe très bien, beaucoup de branches. Je lui ai donné un aspect buisson. Odeur légèrement citronnée. Souffrant d'attaque de panique et de migraines et en bonus hernie discale cette variété me soulage efficacement

    Von X. M. Am 22/Mai/2017 :

    Anrede : Sativa lova
    Kommentare : best strain ever

    Von X. M. Am 22/Mai/2017 :

    Anrede : Pain killer
    Kommentare : easy grow, strong strain

    Von A. C. Am 12/Mai/2017 :

    Anrede : no estan mal
    Kommentare : las compre para hacer unos aceites para mi abuela para las articulaciones, ya comentare que tal

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