Von B. M. Am 13/Apr/2024 :

    Anrede : Royal Jack Auto
    Kommentare : Am 17.märz kam sie aus der Erde heute am 12.April eine sehr gesunden breitwachsende Pflanze ein sehr cleanes kronendach was sich noch weiterentwickelt , gesunde grüne Blätter sie wächst von Tag zu Tag RASANT alles nur mit natürlicher Sonne( sie kriegt inmoment noch nichtmal viel ab)

    Von I. Z. Am 27/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Ordered
    Kommentare : From what i've read, it looks like very good strain,

    Von M. U. Am 27/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Mister
    Kommentare : Good outdoorgrowth and nice yield.

    Von D. F. Am 21/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Polecam
    Kommentare : Szybko kwitnie jak ma dobre warunki

    Von N. M. Am 12/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Very nice but do not top unless using scrog
    Kommentare : Ran 3 in dwc, definitely do not top this strain if you are not using a scrog net, The one I topped was the most vigorous and it produced tons of larf mostly due to lack of light penetration But the other 2 I let go and produced some very nice flowerers Would definitely buy again

    Von G. J. Am 26/Feb/2024 :

    Anrede : J.G
    Kommentare : J'ai adoré ! Je vais d'ailleurs repasser une commande 👌

    Von J. H. Am 31/Okt/2023 :

    Anrede : Regular royal queen customer
    Kommentare : I'm a regular royal queen customer and have never had any problems with there seeds, they have always been 10/10 and this 1 is the same, it's growing strong and smells great, can't wait to try

    Von M. M. Am 20/Okt/2023 :

    Anrede : Unbelievable in veg phase
    Kommentare : a little last start since one seed did not germinate but started another and it pick up so fast its about the same size as others, plant looks fantastic and firm strong growth in veg phase, transitioning into flowering but wonderful genetics.

    Von V. S. Am 16/Okt/2023 :

    Anrede : Molto buona
    Kommentare : Una varietà molto rapida e relativamente semplice anche se mi è capitato più di una volta che i germogli non riuscissero proprio a crescere, le rese sono buone per una piccola dotazione personale e l'aroma insieme all' effetto un po' più motivante la rendono quasi perfetta

    Von H. D. Am 06/Okt/2023 :

    Anrede : Daive
    Kommentare : Toujours au top je recommande

    Von J. C. Am 20/Jul/2023 :

    Anrede : Zensational
    Kommentare : All ten plump seeds sprouted within 48 hours. They are all uniform and storming along. Hats off RQS keep up the great work !

    Von F. A. Am 07/Jun/2023 :

    Anrede : Buon aroma!
    Kommentare : Non è una varietà molto potente, ma ha veramente un buon sapore!

    Von E. R. Am 30/Mai/2023 :

    Anrede : Emanuel
    Kommentare : Great seed, 3 weeks in and its growing strong and fast, looking forward to harvest time!!

    Von F. K. Am 27/Apr/2023 :

    Anrede : energy fuel
    Kommentare : I was so excited how fast it grew. Lovely juicy buds with yummy smell. Every seed was successful. This model made my mood creative, happy and full of energy vibing.

    Von A. S. Am 17/Apr/2023 :

    Anrede : Best seeds EVER!
    Kommentare : Simply the best.

    Von J. G. Am 14/Apr/2023 :

    Anrede : I will have to go up to F1 seeds to get any better.
    Kommentare : 10 plant crop, indoor, tidal irrigation ,LED 18 hrs/day 10/10 germination ( incubator and tissue) 6 good performers, 4 a bit fluffy Cropped exactly on time. 40 grams semi dry per plant average. Good heads..a nice smoke.plenty of flavour.

    Von B. D. Am 11/Apr/2023 :

    Anrede : Tofu
    Kommentare : Awesome Jack !!

    Von A. W. Am 13/M�rz/2023 :

    Anrede : Anwdy
    Kommentare : Richtig gut

    Von C. M. Am 09/Feb/2023 :

    Anrede : Tasty and good yield
    Kommentare : Never had this strain before growing it. Very tasty and a good yield. More indica leaning than I would ideally choose but you'll be knocked out after a very surprisingly strong and creative high. Slow to germinate but makes up for it and a resilient plant. Very happy with RQS.

    Von N. J. Am 27/Jan/2023 :

    Anrede : Germinated well!
    Kommentare : Good germination, off to a great start and im looking forward to seeing the final results

    Von G. B. Am 24/Jan/2023 :

    Anrede : phenomenal!
    Kommentare : portentous big fresh resinous buds.

    Von M. R. Am 20/Jan/2023 :

    Anrede : Im impres
    Kommentare : Best of the best!

    Von A. B. Am 09/Jan/2023 :

    Anrede : Best
    Kommentare : Risultati ottimi anche all aperto

    Von C. M. Am 09/Jan/2023 :

    Anrede : Toppp
    Kommentare : Crescita lineare e risultato previsto raggiunto.

    Von S. S. Am 10/Okt/2022 :

    Anrede : Great little plant
    Kommentare : Great success and super smooth high, everyone is a big fan on this little beauty

    Von D. L. Am 03/Aug/2022 :

    Anrede : jack
    Kommentare : bonne qualité

    Von E. D. Am 01/Aug/2022 :

    Anrede : Ed
    Kommentare : Not as good as I tought !

    Von M. P. Am 01/Aug/2022 :

    Anrede : michael
    Kommentare : seeds super, shop very good

    Von M. H. Am 01/Aug/2022 :

    Anrede : Another Fine Purchase :-)
    Kommentare : Repeat RQS buyer, this variety is growing well after approx 8 weeks, looking forward to sampling ! Thanks again folks.

    Von A. L. Am 01/Aug/2022 :

    Anrede : Ottima varietà
    Kommentare : Top ,3 su 3! Sempre una garanzia RQS

    Von D. B. Am 13/Jul/2022 :

    Anrede : Royal Jack Automatic
    Kommentare : Graines parfaites! En culture, donc pas encore goûtée.

    Von E. B. Am 27/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Quasi ottimo
    Kommentare : Sono molto contento di tutto, a parte il fatto che è la seconda volta che uno dei 3 semi non attecchisce, non nasce niente insomma...

    Von J. P. Am 19/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Good
    Kommentare : This strain was very good and easy to handle. I really recommend this strain!

    Von A. D. Am 25/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Super
    Kommentare : polecam rośnie jak złe :)

    Von C. W. Am 12/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Strong and healthy
    Kommentare : successful germ and healthy veg

    Von V. D. Am 13/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : Royal Jack
    Kommentare : All 3 seeds popped (bonus seeds Northern lights too) and yield was top for a shady spot (30-40g/plant).

    Von F. B. Am 10/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : jacky
    Kommentare : alles super

    Von R. T. Am 22/M�rz/2022 :

    Anrede : Terpeni favolosi
    Kommentare : Peccato per la resa che non raggiunge i livelli di altre auto ma l'aroma della Jack Herer basta e avanza per nominarlo tra i miei preferiti; non semplicissima, soprattutto i primi giorni evitare concimi

    Von N. R. Am 11/M�rz/2022 :

    Anrede : Very Nice
    Kommentare : Good grow, good taste.

    Von K. P. Am 02/M�rz/2022 :

    Anrede : great quality seeds
    Kommentare : good quality seeds. even though ive only had 4 seeds pop out of 9 seeds. some seeds aren’t doing anything

    Von N. G. Am 24/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Zamal
    Kommentare : Mui bien

    Von V. S. Am 01/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Mr
    Kommentare : It grows very fast... Under a 1000 watt lamp, in a little less than 3 months, super bumps turned out!

    Von B. J. Am 28/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Royal Jack Automatic
    Kommentare : Ziarenko po dwóch dniach wykielkowalo. Rośnie w oczach, w tym momencie roślinka ma 21 dni i już ja trenuje. 👍👍👍

    Von M. K. Am 25/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : M.K.
    Kommentare : Amazing strain. I love that.

    Von C. B. Am 09/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : siffon
    Kommentare : Ras, graines de qualité.

    Von C. I. Am 03/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Responded well to lst
    Kommentare : I popped 3 different strains of beans recently, and the royal jack responded to the lst the best. She short, bushy with multiple colas. I'm looking forwards to finishing and curing her to see what she smokes like.

    Von A. F. Am 27/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : Jack-o-lantern Oh! That light!!
    Kommentare : Fast delivery and good yeald

    Von M. W. Am 16/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : Mr Sir
    Kommentare : Already on the grow process :D

    Von N. S. Am 14/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Perfect
    Kommentare : One of my favorite!

    Von A. T. Am 12/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Nice flavours
    Kommentare : Powerful and very good stuff!

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