Von M. T. Am 20/Jun/2024 :

    Anrede : Gorilla mike
    Kommentare : Superbe plantes , encore 3 semaines de flo , les buds sont deja pleine de froze

    Von R. G. Am 11/Jun/2024 :

    Anrede : Not to bad
    Kommentare : Same as my quick ones 3 out of 5 popped not to sad but

    Von I. S. Am 30/Mai/2024 :

    Anrede : Granny's most wanted!
    Kommentare : This one is really awesome in all ways! Every Seed germinate and is strong AF! Even my Grandmother is fascinated by the potential. She just known the giant ones she got in her Garden 20yrs ago. 😂(Seeds from Bird food I guess)

    Von D. F. Am 24/Mai/2024 :

    Anrede : Daniel
    Kommentare : Eine won Beste Samen

    Von M. M. Am 24/Mai/2024 :

    Anrede : Recommended!
    Kommentare : I recommend this strain. It was great to grow. It is pleasant to smoke, smooth and tasty.

    Von P. L. Am 16/Mai/2024 :

    Anrede : easy grow
    Kommentare : Pretty straightforward and easy grow. All seeds popped. Smoking it right now. Thank you.

    Von R. M. Am 09/Mai/2024 :

    Anrede : Hope
    Kommentare : Wirklich eine gute Pflanze. Netter Ertrag, Appetit anregend wie beschrieben. Guter Geschmack

    Von G. C. Am 25/Apr/2024 :

    Anrede : Royal tomatoes Auto
    Kommentare : Received this as a gift, germinated fine, grew without problem but next time I will stress it a bit more so it could get even bigger, the 3 royal creamatics i planted in November 2023 even now after 5–6 months they have barely entered flower very unstable strain, I have left review for those seeds, but it did not appear in here, they are hiding it from the costumers so what we say here its like being chosen which comment to let it be shown, what is the point of rating products if you are not going to show them to others, they got huge like 80 cm height, 50 cm wide but its useless its taking too much space in my tents and still struggle with getting them to flower, have switched to 12/12 for a week or two still didn't want to flower, so I'm thinking of just chopping them down as they are unstable as f, of course no refund, and I am being ignored, really professional, service sucks.

    Von A. S. Am 03/Apr/2024 :

    Anrede : Arne S.
    Kommentare : Tolles Aroma und wächst outdoor sehr solide!

    Von R. H. Am 18/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Very satisfied
    Kommentare : Fast sprouting and fast flowering , great genetics .

    Von J. B. Am 14/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Royal cheese
    Kommentare : It was Ok bud

    Von A. H. Am 12/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Gelo
    Kommentare : Echt sehr angenehmer smoke mit keinen sesseldrückergefühl Aber sehr träumerisch und super lecker !!

    Von M. B. Am 05/M�rz/2024 :

    Anrede : Mati
    Kommentare : War mein erster grow auf dem Balkon.was soll ich sagen....super gute Pflanzen gehabt .

    Von J. D. Am 05/Feb/2024 :

    Anrede : Surprising!
    Kommentare : This Cheese doesn't smell like the Cheese I used to smoke in the UK. It does smell like an amazing skunk. I can't wait to try it!

    Von M. G. Am 02/Feb/2024 :

    Anrede : Baron des Ackerbaus
    Kommentare : Wer den Geschmack von Backstoikäs liebt,ist hier bestens bedient.... Es wurde über die Zeit mehr oder weniger,...mein Favorit für guten Geschmack (einmal verschmackt,geil ;)und ein richtig stoniges, chilliges high... "From the Schwabian aus Baden...5*-Stars für mein Evergreen...!!!" Dankschee und hoffentlich immer a peace in d'Däsch!!😅😚💭👌🤌

    Von R. R. Am 13/Nov/2023 :

    Anrede : Great yield!
    Kommentare : Small and compact plant that yielded 4.75 ounces in 64 days from seed to harvest!

    Von N. A. Am 21/Jun/2023 :

    Anrede : Royal cheese auto
    Kommentare : Grew well, didn’t require much maintenance, now I just have to wait for it to cure. 38g dry from the first plant.

    Von E. R. Am 07/Jun/2023 :

    Anrede : Nice
    Kommentare : Growing Nice abort 2weeks to harvest, smells good

    Von B. M. Am 06/Jun/2023 :

    Anrede : Hate de testé
    Kommentare : Graine commander, hâte de lancer cette session 😊

    Von K. D. Am 15/Mai/2023 :

    Anrede : K.D.S
    Kommentare : buiten gekweekt.mooie plant en vooral heel goede smaak.

    Von C. K. Am 21/M�rz/2023 :

    Anrede : Very Robust
    Kommentare : All three seeds germinated and grew without much maintenance!

    Von T. H. Am 02/M�rz/2023 :

    Anrede : TanNice
    Kommentare : Easy ordering and quick delivery - about to plant!

    Von A. M. Am 06/Feb/2023 :

    Anrede : tutto perfetto
    Kommentare : son riuscita con tutti e tre i semi ad avere piantine perfette di ottima resa

    Von K. D. Am 11/Okt/2022 :

    Anrede : Good yield
    Kommentare : This has been one of my favourite strains from RQS up to now nice compact buds and with a bit of LST you will get a good yield.

    Von P. F. Am 27/Sept/2022 :

    Anrede : Castin720
    Kommentare : Goût o top et récolte environ de 70 g par plante en extérieur 👌

    Von J. K. Am 17/Jul/2022 :

    Anrede : cheese
    Kommentare : never grown this strain my self but have had this on my bucket list and now 2 weeks veg allready and looking good so far...thanks RQS for quality seeds

    Von C. H. Am 05/Jul/2022 :

    Anrede : Ok all around
    Kommentare : Grown a few times. Not the most stable strain from my experience, but I was able to harvest some pretty good flowers from these girls.

    Von D. S. Am 05/Jul/2022 :

    Anrede : D S
    Kommentare : 100% germination from 5 seeds excellent!!

    Von S. N. Am 15/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : cheese
    Kommentare : had 100% germination rates with these seeds. cheesee is one of my favorite skunky strains.The smell of cheese is like no other. Cheers RSQ!

    Von B. H. Am 07/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Excellent Service
    Kommentare : Quality top of the line and easy transaction, super fast delivery

    Von L. T. Am 06/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Bohemain
    Kommentare : 3 graines livrées rapidement, poussent très très bien sous serre, malheureusement un pied mâle parmi les trois !!!

    Von C. M. Am 23/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Perfect!
    Kommentare : Seeds (5 pc.) delivered 3 days after bank transfer. Now they are growing and looking healthy and I am looking forward...

    Von M. S. Am 19/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Ickstick
    Kommentare : Top Samen tip top Service!!

    Von P. C. Am 19/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Cheeeeese!
    Kommentare : Popped a couple, all good so far!💚🥦

    Von T. M. Am 26/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : M
    Kommentare : Une plante qui n'a rien a envier au autres , Good

    Von E. B. Am 10/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : Great as always...
    Kommentare : Great as always...

    Von R. L. Am 06/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : super
    Kommentare : Good yeald

    Von N. S. Am 07/M�rz/2022 :

    Anrede : Bad summer of 2021
    Kommentare : Germinated real quick. I counted on nature, as i always do. I counted wrong. Ordered 3 different seeds, two didn’t germinate. I still have 3. I will update my review when I enjoy my lil trees

    Von M. A. Am 07/M�rz/2022 :

    Anrede : Great Gerimation
    Kommentare : Grows fast, great product. Yummy

    Von C. D. Am 03/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Fx
    Kommentare : Livré en toute discrétion et très rapidement. Graines de qualités comme toujours. Merci

    Von B. S. Am 23/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Cheese
    Kommentare : 100% germination super quick delivery thanks again RQS🔥🔥🔥

    Von A. C. Am 11/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Muito boa
    Kommentare : Planta bonita resistente

    Von C. B. Am 09/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : siffon
    Kommentare : ras, graines de haute qualité.

    Von M. D. Am 02/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Wonderful
    Kommentare : Fast shipping by UPS (less than 2 days), well packaged and content in best quality.

    Von A. F. Am 27/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : That smell
    Kommentare : Really good smell, fast delivery

    Von A. S. Am 23/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : Smell
    Kommentare : Good flowers and great smell!

    Von U. A. Am 12/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : rach
    Kommentare : good

    Von V. G. Am 04/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : in attesa
    Kommentare : non è ancora fiorita ma stanno crescendo più delle altre, mi sembra un ottimo prodotto,

    Von D. K. Am 06/Sept/2021 :

    Anrede : Phenomeal Crystals and Colour
    Kommentare : Very strong plants witha head turning colour, 154gs dried from one plant, extremely satisfied

    Von V. A. Am 18/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : Great
    Kommentare : Fast good and really sweet

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