Neuer Cannabis-Seedfinder – finde Dein Match!

    Von V. R. Am 15/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Love it
    Kommentare : Inexpensive and truly useful!

    Von W. C. Am 09/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Worth having in every little garden
    Kommentare : I have found these little clips very good for training branches,only used on auto’s so far. So I have been training as early as wk3/4 so far and no issues with damage or recovery time.

    Von M. K. Am 07/Jun/2022 :

    Anrede : Kojak-M
    Kommentare : Bin vollkommen begeistert, werd die tage direkt nochmal nachschub bestellen 🙈😎

    Von S. D. Am 08/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Stevil
    Kommentare : Zeer handige clips en je kan ze hergebruiken

    Von M. R. Am 01/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : Whylla
    Kommentare : I really think using this for LST makes the difference. The plant gets much bushier, which means more buds, so yeah, i would definitely recommend the purchase of this product.

    Von H. M. Am 01/Mai/2022 :

    Anrede : matthieu
    Kommentare : super produit très pratique je recommande

    Von A. M. Am 19/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : Super easy
    Kommentare : Helped me a lot with the LST

    Von T. P. Am 13/Apr/2022 :

    Anrede : Awesome clips for lst
    Kommentare : Using this at moment for LST, results are amazing, a lot more buds , please do not skip this because you are missing some good results if you arent doing it.

    Von M. Z. Am 11/Mrz/2022 :

    Anrede : Easy&Perfekt
    Kommentare : Ein MUSS...!!!

    Von S. F. Am 25/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Rva
    Kommentare : 10

    Von T. H. Am 15/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Great product
    Kommentare : Very good addition to tools

    Von K. C. Am 09/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Good
    Kommentare : They are pretty handy,but i think they are going to be better if made whit another material,silicone would be perfect. Had to clean then from the residues of the stamp,they were too shape

    Von M. C. Am 03/Feb/2022 :

    Anrede : Mitch
    Kommentare : Excellent système pour diriger les branches dans le sens que vous voulez 👍

    Von R. P. Am 14/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Perfekt
    Kommentare : Die LST clips sind hervorragend, die clips ersparen einem das lästige runterbinden und ständige Nach-justieren, das nervige rum fummeln ebenfalls.

    Von A. G. Am 14/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Yo
    Kommentare : Traumhaft gut.

    Von C. B. Am 09/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : siffon
    Kommentare : pratique et rapide à encastrer

    Von E. J. Am 06/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : E.J
    Kommentare : Easy to use. It is very good product.

    Von S. K. Am 09/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : S.K
    Kommentare : Sehr nützlich ...bin vollkommen zufrieden damit.

    Von R. C. Am 03/Dez/2021 :

    Anrede : Pratici
    Kommentare : Molto meglio di usare fili e spaghi vari... Una clip e via! Ottimo lavoro RQS

    Von A. S. Am 21/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Amine
    Kommentare : Excellente qualité

    Von T. M. Am 15/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Old man
    Kommentare : Really fit their purpose +++

    Von M. P. Am 08/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Blazinger
    Kommentare : highly recommended Product, very easy to use and still surprisingly effective! Don't want to grow without it again. I ordered 2x25 Clips to use on 4 Plants and there are more than enough, still, they aren't that expensive.

    Von E. S. Am 08/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Psycho
    Kommentare : Très utile, procure le stress et permet de diriger correctement sa plante

    Von P. R. Am 07/Nov/2021 :

    Anrede : Clip per piante piegatura
    Kommentare : Sono molto contento di aver acquistato queste clip , sono davvero utili , come mi sono arrivati li ho utilizzati da subito e fanno il loro lavoro, ogni volta che dovevo trovare un rimedio per dividere, ma con l'aiuto di Queen seedRoyal ho trovato la mia soddisfazione, vi dico solo che vanno messi prima che il ramo diventa rigido se no si rischia di danneggiare il ramo

    Von S. G. Am 25/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : S.G
    Kommentare : Prefer using these to tying down branches. Great addition to my stock.

    Von P. V. Am 25/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : kennis
    Kommentare : Wie LST nog nooit heeft geprobeerd, geef het een kans want de resultaten zijn spectaculair!

    Von A. F. Am 20/Okt/2021 :

    Anrede : Top
    Kommentare : Veramente un bel prodotto

    Von P. M. Am 19/Sept/2021 :

    Anrede : P.M
    Kommentare : Very handy

    Von F. V. Am 17/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : Utili
    Kommentare : Utili e semplici da usare, con attenzione si applicano senza problemi

    Von S. V. Am 15/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : poor product
    Kommentare : The product would work pretty well if it would be properly produced. The plant clips have some very sharp edges that sometimes can cut wounds in your branches. I am used to the high quality RQS seeds so I expect the same from the RQS growing products. This product disappoints. So please RQS team produce & finish them better and I will buy this product again.

    Von D. C. Am 15/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : Muy bien
    Kommentare : Muy útiles y baratos.

    Von V. G. Am 10/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : Top
    Kommentare : Very good product !

    Von F. C. Am 04/Aug/2021 :

    Anrede : Lst
    Kommentare : Buon prodotto !

    Von B. B. Am 14/Jul/2021 :

    Anrede : Ben
    Kommentare : Pratique pour le palissage je recommande

    Von J. Z. Am 17/Jun/2021 :

    Anrede : Izz
    Kommentare : Přesně tohle jsem potřeboval. Nejlepší

    Von G. L. Am 16/Jun/2021 :

    Anrede : Aldhissla
    Kommentare : Perfect !!

    Von Y. D. Am 14/Jun/2021 :

    Anrede : Handig
    Kommentare : Zeker aan te bevelen

    Von S. V. Am 31/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Ottimo per LST
    Kommentare : Ottimo prodotto che facilita la piegatura dei rami senza dover utilizzare fili da legare ai vasi

    Von R. H. Am 28/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Rebecca
    Kommentare : Werkt perfect! Heel cool om te zien dat de plant er geen tik van krijgt want het is minder klungelen met deze clips dan bijvoorbeeld met draden spannen ✌😎

    Von L. K. Am 25/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Weedo
    Kommentare : Easy use great results

    Von A. C. Am 24/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Top
    Kommentare : Molto utili e ben fatte

    Von I. U. Am 24/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Ingrid
    Kommentare : Handy

    Von G. C. Am 19/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : As Simple as usefull
    Kommentare : Great to redirect the growing of your branches,without stressing your plant to much

    Von M. N. Am 17/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Mike
    Kommentare : Super pratiques et rapides à mettre en place.

    Von A. C. Am 17/Mai/2021 :

    Anrede : Mr andy
    Kommentare : Premier test

    Von J. D. Am 30/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : Pool
    Kommentare : Bonne qualité.

    Von P. O. Am 28/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : 1A
    Kommentare : funguje báječně

    Von D. R. Am 26/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : It does the job
    Kommentare : Work perfectly fot side branches! It’s a good alternative to LST your plants. Just be careful to don’t bend it too much and snap the branch.

    Von G. L. Am 12/Apr/2021 :

    Anrede : Doet wat het moet doen
    Kommentare : Hogere toppen kan je zeker 10cm verlagen met deze clips. Is echt kinderspel.

    Von A. W. Am 25/Mrz/2021 :

    Anrede : Great quality
    Kommentare : Seen few people trying those clips now. They are good quality and easy to LST. I would recommend to take them off once the stems get to big for the clips.

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