Von D. P. Am 19/Okt/2023 :

    Anrede : The Best Guardian!!
    Kommentare : It grows and grows!! just dry and grind it later and you got your "expensive" alfalfa meal for later, potentially growing next to your plants if you use your light efficiently and grow some alfalfa in between how nice would that be? :) theres no need to look elsewhere! RQS got you just need some patience growing it as with any other plant we love ;) I use a Lightmix with some Mykorrhiza inside, some Kelp and a tiny bit of Guano. i just water it. the seeds sprouted in 2-3 days in soil directly. Good luck to everyone growing it, you won't be dissapointed by this one! thats for sure. :))

    Von C. P. Am 09/Jan/2022 :

    Anrede : Great product, fast delivery
    Kommentare : Lovely companion plants, growing great with low aintenance, I surely recommend!

    Von L. L. Am 25/Mai/2020 :

    Anrede : Alfalfa flowers
    Kommentare : The alfalfa flowers are so amazing Love them

    Von Z. H. Am 06/Apr/2020 :

    Anrede : Alfalfa
    Kommentare : Hello, is it recommended to grow it in the same pot with the plant?

    Von M. V. Am 18/Jul/2019 :

    Anrede : consociazione-di-piante Product : Alfalfa Royal Guardians

    Von S. M. Am 04/Jun/2019 :

    Anrede : Alfalfa
    Kommentare : Growing very fast , an excellent buy

    Von J. P. Am 28/M�rz/2019 :

    Anrede : Flower
    Kommentare : The Best

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