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    By S. C. on 27/Apr/2020 :

    Title : good strain
    Comment : easy to grow - nice to smoeke - another top quality strain from RQS

    By F. A. on 27/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Très bien
    Comment : Super au top comme d’habitude

    By L. E. on 24/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Amnesia haze
    Comment : Produits arrivé rapidement malgré la période de confinement commander trois graines les trois graines, super ! merci l’équipe.

    By F. M. on 24/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Ottimo prodotto e spedizione
    Comment : Ottimissimo prodotto, imballo adeguato e spedizione velocissima. Congratulazioni ne ordinerò ancora.

    By C. B. on 24/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Bonjour
    Comment : Très satisfait de cette première commande. Livraison rapide, très bien emballé. J'ai acheté 10 Amnesia Haze et reçu en cadeau 3 Critical, les 13 ont germées, belle !! A 3 semaines elle se portent très très bien ! Je continuerai à vous donner de leurs nouvelles ! Merci à vous, merci aussi pour le grinder en cadeau, je vous recommande!!!

    By S. H. on 23/Apr/2020 :

    Title : amnesia haze
    Comment : I received my order quickly. my seeds germinated directly on Easter Monday. that was also super fast. now we will see how it goes on :-) thank you royal queen seeds

    By T. H. on 22/Apr/2020 :

    Title : stabile strain
    Comment : good yield and very tasty

    By N. V. on 22/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Amnesia haze
    Comment : Ottimi semi !!!riprendero'consiglio !!!😋

    By K. P. on 22/Apr/2020 :

    Title : nothing can copy amnesia haze
    Comment : I do not write reviews but this time i will for amnesia.... it is not the 10% discount you gain when you write a review but the need to to express that this strain has the most long lasting high among all other strains i have tried...and i have tried many .gelato , gorilla glue, king tut,dosidos ,purple punch .......Amnesia is like the f-16 jetfighter ....speedy ,strong ,celebral...i am totally convinced that the RQS amnesia is the most original one i ve tasted so far and IMO the most potent one...the landing off situation is very slowly so you do not understand it ....the high is incredible and creative .To tell the truth among many strains with american genetics i ve tried is far far better....and more compact in everything....i have not smoked so far something so potent and adventurous like amnesia. I had the idea that gorilla glue was the most strong ...but in comparison with amnesia the high is much more stable, interesting and extremely long lasting.By the way i always preferred the delicacy of DUTCH genetics instead of the AMERICAN ones...i find the high of the american genetics a bit boring ....despite their potency....A strain like amnesia has 22%thc but it seems like it can put to shame strains like gg4-and stains with much more THC than 26-28 range.One last word .....RQS AMNESIA....reminds me of an approaching blend of thailand and jamaican to be presice 60%thai and 40% jamaican elements..( I CONSIDER THE BEST HAZE TO BE FROM THAILAND AND JAMAICAN coming after but it is very difficult to find a pure thai strain today.) is a close relative with silver and lemon haze ...but easily you can tell the distance ....This strain is an apocalypse from the ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS...and it is a strain which cannot be copied it is a strain that tells you that the best way to feel it exactly the way it is is to to be smoked in AMSTERDAM.....

    By E. S. on 21/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Grande scelta!!!!
    Comment : Se vuoi viaggiare,amnesia è la scelta perfetta. La consiglio!!!!

    By J. D. on 21/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Wouldn't go anywhere else
    Comment : Amazing company, quality products with an easy to use site - what more do you need!

    By R. C. on 20/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Great site
    Comment : Recommend

    By L. S. on 18/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Un classique de la weed, tout bien reçu rien à dire site vraiment sérieux, reste plus qu'à bien s'occuper des bébés qui grandissent.

    By M. G. on 17/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Ammi
    Comment : Very good stuff guys thanks

    By T. S. on 15/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Best Marihuana🍁
    Comment : Es sind sehr gute Samen ich habe 6 Samen und alle 6 sind aufgegangen schon nach wenigen Tagen sie wachsen extrem schnell und ich hoffe das bleibt so.

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