CBD Öl (10ml)

Unser Royal Queen Seeds CBD Öl ist ein Bio-Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, das aus dem besten europäischen Hanf hergestellt wird. Dies gewährleistet, daß unser CBD Öl so rein ist wie es nur sein kann, konsequent die strengsten Standards erfüllt und dem Nutzern einen CBD Gehalt von 2,5%, 4% und 10% bietet.
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Die Royal Queen Seeds CBD Öl Linie wurde geschaffen, um unseren Kunden das feinste CBD Öl anzubieten. Wir haben große Mühen auf uns genommen, um sicherzustellen, daß all unser CBD Öl biologisch und aus dem besten europäischen Hanf hergestellt und nur unter Verwendung der saubersten und am wenigsten invasiven Methoden verarbeitet wird. Das Ergebnis ist ein 2,5%, 4% und 10% iges CBD Öl, das frei von Herbiziden, Pestiziden, GVO-Produkten, Konservierungsmitteln und jeder anderen Form von Zusatzstoffen ist. Alles was in der Flasche ist, ist CBD und eine Trägerflüssigkeit.

CBD ist ein Cannabinoid, das sich in Cannabis und Hanf befindet. Indem streng kontrollierter Bio-Hanf verwendet wird - welcher nur Spuren von THC enthält - können wir gewährleisten, daß unser Labor hier bei Royal Queen Seeds all die CBD Güte extrahieren kann, ohne daß man sich um eine Kontamination mit THC sorgen müsste. RQS CBD Oil enthält nur 0,2% THC, so daß es unmöglich ist davon high zu werden und in den meisten Ländern der EU legal ist.

All dies macht Royal Queen Seeds CBD Öl zu einem der reinsten, stärksten und gleichbleibend hochwertigen CBD Öle auf dem EU-Markt!

Die empfohlene Tagesdosis von Royal Queen Seeds CBD Öl ist 1-3 mal am Tag 1-4 Tropfen.

Unser RQS CBD Öl ist ein verderbliches Produkt. Es muss an einem kühlen, dunklen Ort gelagert werden, wie etwa einem Kühlschrank.

Bitte beachten: Royal Queen Seeds CBD Öl ist nur zur Verwendung als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel vorgesehen. Bitte konsultiere einen Arzt, falls Du Zweifel hast. Es ist nicht als Ersatz für irgendein verschriebenes Medikament gedacht.

Test results

  • THC: 0.2%
  • CBD: 2,5%
  • CBD medium: 4%
  • CBD high: 10%

    By R. S. on 15/Jan/2018 :

    Title : CBD Oil (10%)
    Comment : CBD Oil 10% worked very well for mood stabilization (PTSD)

    By A. R. on 12/Jan/2018 :

    Title : CBD 4%
    Comment : The real pain relief without side effects. I have fibromyalgia and I am using it also in my senior dog, for his artritis for about 3 days and he his improving his movements. I am considering to buy 10% . Thank you RQS!

    By L. T. on 09/Jan/2018 :

    Title : Laszlo
    Comment : Its working well... i feel more quiet and sleep more better.. thanks RQS

    By D. K. on 05/Jan/2018 :

    Title : Daniella Kovács Magyarország
    Comment : 10% osat MEDIHEMP BIO CBD OLAJT szedtem előtte most próbálom ezt a terméket Depresszióra nagyon jó volt remélem ez is segíteni fog nekem 2x6 cseppet szedtem várom hogy megérkezzen!

    By J. L. on 05/Jan/2018 :

    Title : Parfait
    Comment : Trés bonne huile et efficace.Je recommande ce produit sans hésiter meilleur rapport qualité prix

    By E. B. on 02/Jan/2018 :

    Title : cbd my little helper
    Comment : Product is amazing

    By C. D. on 22/Dez/2017 :

    Title : Cbd oil
    Comment : Loved it can feel it working instantly when goes under tongue works wonders with my anxiety thank you

    By E. D. on 29/Dez/2017 :

    Title : CBD OIL 4%
    Comment : Ho comprato questo prodotto per la cefalea cronica primaria che mi affligge da 27 anni. Non so ancora esprimermi su questo, perchè prendo le gocce da meno di un mese e ipotizzo ci voglia più tempo per capire se agisce sul dolore. Ma quello che posso dire è che fin dalla prima assunzione mi ha aiutata a dormire meglio e ad addormentarmi prima, mi alzo molto meno stanca la mattina. E' già qualcosa. Altra cosa importante: non mi sta dando nessun effetto collaterale.

    By E. W. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By A. B. on 18/Dez/2017 :

    Title : Amazing
    Comment : I ordered the 4% CBD-Oil hoping to find some relief from chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis. I've started taking it a couple of days ago and the results are amazing. I immediately felt relaxed, slept great, pain was almost at zero for about seven hours. It was so amazing I cried with happiness, I haven't felt this whole and healthy in over 10 years, people with chronic pain will know what I mean. I'm also prone to anxiety and usually quite tense, both problems vanish under CBD. And additional benefit I hadn't expected. I've started with two drops twice a day. It's a smaller dosage than recommended, but it makes me a bit sleepy (probably caused by the relaxation) and with the two-drop dosage I have a positive effect but can stay active. I take three drops before going to sleep and I sleep great and pain-free! Thank you so much for this, it changes my life.

    By T. F. on 15/Dez/2017 :

    Title : Huile CBD 4%
    Comment : Bon produit, calmant et sans effets indésirables. Et toujours de sérieux et ce professionnalisme dans l'attention au client. Merci, ne changez rien à vous.

    By M. S. on 11/Dez/2017 :

    Title : CBD oil 10%
    Comment : Objednal som si CBD olej 10%. Dodanie do dvoch tyzdnov. Som velmi spokojny

    By P. D. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By F. J. on 27/Nov/2017 :

    Title : CBD Oil
    Comment : Very good product.

    By M. M. on 21/Nov/2017 :

    Title : cbd oil
    Comment : Very good product, take away all that pain and help you to relax a little bit. I'm going to try the 10% cbd oil. Thanks!

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We do not ship this product to the following countries:
Canada, Chile
Von soph | 2017-12-06 21:03:46

Hello could you tell me what strain is in the oil, is it sativa? Can the cbd oil cause reflux?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The oil is made from natural hemp. The effect is different on each person and it can cause reflux in some people while not in others.

Von Soh | 2017-11-19 13:39:48

Salut à tous , que représente 4% svp je vais testé l'huile cbd pour arthrose en autres Merci ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

4% is the percentage of CBD that the oil contains. I am afraid we are not entitled to provide medical advise.

Von Cinzia | 2017-11-16 12:26:43

quante gocce corrispondono a 2,5 mg ? Grazie per la risposta

Royal Queen Seeds Team

For the 10% oil it would be half a drop, taking in consideration that a standard drop is 50mg.

Von Ismael | 2017-11-16 12:22:51

Se puede echar las gotas al tabaco y fumarlo? Saldría positivo en un test de droga? Y sentiría los sintamos como si habría fumado droga?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

El aceite de CBD se debe tomar como complemento alimentario, no se debe fumar. Los porcentajes de THC en este aceite están por debajo del 0.2%, por lo que no se debería notar ningún efecto. No sabemos si estos níveles de THC saldrían detectados en un test de droga.

Von cesar | 2017-11-12 03:48:12

debo usar el producto para la Depresion THC:CBD 1:1 10%, estoy en lo correcto?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Te ruego tengas en cuenta que no estamos cualificados para dar consejo médico. En cuanto a la composición, este producto apenas tiene restos de THC de menos de un 0.2%

Von mauro | 2017-11-05 21:12:09

ho un figlio autistico di 13 anni gli vengono crisi aggressività , olio di cannabis CBD.. domanda può essere utile?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

We are not qualified to provide with medical advice. However please check out the below link for more information in this subject. https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-is-cannabis-a-potential-treatment-for-autism-n300

Von daniela | 2017-11-01 14:24:38

This CBD oil can be used for vaping?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Our CBD oil is to be taken as a supplement, not to be smoked or vaped.

Von oyhanto | 2017-10-14 21:19:11

ce produit existe-t-il en 30ml ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Yes, CBD oils 2.5% and 4% are available on 10ml, 30ml and 50ml. Also the 10% oil is available in the 10ml and 30ml format.

Von Tom | 2017-10-06 10:27:29

Hi. Cbd oil helps for people with high blood pressure?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

We are not qualified to provide medical, nevertheless we would recommend you to check this product reviews.

Von Taittinger | 2017-10-06 07:04:07

Bonjour je compte essayer l huile pour douleurs chroniques du dos et insomnies,je souhaiterais savoir à propos des contrôles routiers,risque t on d être positif??

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that we are not qualified to give medical advice. ur CBD oil is made from high quality hemp at 5% and has a base of extra virgin olive oil. CBD oil has less than 0.2% THC in it, that's one of the reasons why it's legal in the first place. The effects will vary from person to person, but we are receiving very good feedback from customers who have bought our oil. We always recommend to start with a small dosage and increase if you do not feel any effect.

Von Antonella Grecuzzo | 2017-10-05 17:40:12

Salve, scusate la domanda banale. La titolazione al 10% indica 1000 mg. Questo vuole indicare che in ogni goccia ci sono 1000 mg di CBD? Io soffro di dolore cronico, fibromialgia, colon irritabile. Voglio acquistare la titolazione alta ma non comprendo perfettamente il dosaggio. Sulla base della vostra tabella patologia/dosaggio ho letto di usare 20 mg per circa 25 giorni..ma non capisco a questo punto come regolarmi. Mi sapreste indicare voi in gocce come devo utilizzarlo? Grazie

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The 10% CBD Oil has 5 Mg of CBD per drop. This is considering that a standard drop has 50Mg.

Von ropers | 2017-09-30 19:37:44

est ce que CBD oil soulage l arthrose

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Nous ne sommes pas qualifiés pour donner des conseils médicaux, mais nous obtenons de très bons commentaires sur ce produit, principalement pour la libération de la douleur. Toutefois, l'effet peut varier selon les personnes.

Stelle eine Frage
Danke für Deine Frage, sie wurde erfolgreich an unser Team weitergeleitet.

Stelle eine Frage

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